रिसर्च जालसाजी में भारत का पहला नंबर

Jan, 19 2019

Generally research paper is taken very seriously. But in the case of India it is not as it is, according to a news that India's Research Scholar Research is the top ranking for counterfeiting. Along with India, rampant research is also being conducted in large numbers in the US and Japan. Looking at the data of counterfeit investigations between 2000-2010, it is known that India's proportion of cases of retractions and counterfeiting research paper is 0.34, which is more than US, Japan and China. The second number is US, which has a ratio of 0.32. Japan at number three and China at number four. These ratios have been removed by retraction (removal of research from journal) and frad (forgery).

Rubbing or counterfeiting in research means finding information from other researchers and linking them with your name in your article. It is taken very seriously in the research field. Which is also called pluralism. Special software has been created to assess the authors' research paper. If the contents of PhD students are explained in more than 10% of pluralism, the research of that student is denied. It is compulsory to research some similarly doing students.

So next time if you encounter then projected onto a shocking fact Research Name First check that was not stolen data and information on the author than other countries.

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