Sunday, March 17, 2019

Weekly media updates - week 12 of year 2019


Everybody is an election mode isn't it? In this hectic schedule last week I have written a blog on election agenda 2019 and few tourism videos.

 • On YouTube i have uploaded travel, music videos of Kashmir and beautiful visuals of recently ended kumbh mela 2019. Here are the links.

 • प्रयागराज में हुए कुंभ मेले की तस्वीर।

 • कश्मीर में केसर की खेती, नकली केसर कैसे पहचाने।

 • कश्मीरी संगीत। These are kashmiri folk music video by my team.

 • चुनाव का एजेंडा सेट करने में बीजेपी और कांग्रेस दोनों ही नाकाम।

( this is my blog in Hindi language)

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