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How One Brilliant Decision In 1973 Made George Lucas A Multi-Billionaire Today

By Brian Warner on May 2, 2013 George Lucas is a very rich man. In fact, on our list of the richest celebrities on the planet, George Lucas ranks #1. After Disney agreed to buy his company last year for $4 billion, Lucas' net worth jumped to $7.3 billion! That's $4.3 billion more than his good buddy Steven Spielberg. That's $4.6 billion more than Oprah! What's really incredible is thathe basically made the majority of his fortune solely off one idea: Star Wars. As a director, his resume is actually pretty thin.Technically speaking, George has only directed six feature films in his entire career and four of them were Star Wars movies. By comparison, Steven Spielberg has directed more than 30 different feature films, many of which went on to become some of the most successful classic films of all time. So how did George Lucas generate such a huge personal fortune off a single movie franchise? It all comes down to one incredibly simple yet amazingly brilliant billion-dolla…